Why Cats Blame Cat Litter?

- Mar 27, 2018-

First, cat litter problem

Cats generally love to be clean, so pay attention to the cleaning problems during the use of litter, replacement of cat litter, cat litter is too long, too little cat litter will affect the use of cats. Therefore, cat slaves often deal with litter basins and clean them regularly. In addition, if there are more cats in the house, they will be prepared with several litter boxes. It is very difficult for discerning cats to share a litter box. Finally, when replacing the new cat litter, other types and brands of cat litter were replaced. Before the thorough replacement, the cats need to be contacted or mixed with the old cat litter.

Second, the cat's own problem

Cat litter may have some effects on the cat's urinary system during use, causing some diseases. Frequent licking of cat litter by cats may be a symptom of difficulty in toileting. If the cat slaves suddenly observe this abnormal behavior of the cat, it is better to take the cat to the pet hospital for inspection as soon as possible. There is also the need to consider whether the cat's recent diet or living environment has been changed. This will have a certain influence on the cat's heart, leading to the cat's abnormal behavior.