What Kind Of Cat Litter Is Better?

- Mar 27, 2018-

The main component of bentonite sand is montmorillonite clay rock; its main property is its strong water absorption and good clumping properties. Generally, there is a lot of dust. The litter is small in size. After the cat has finished the toilet, it is often easy to bring out some cat litter. If it is accidentally stepped on, it becomes a white powder. Therefore, parents need to regularly clean and tidy up. .

The main components of crystal sand and silica cat litter are composed of silica gel particles. Its main character is good water absorption and deodorization, and the amount of dust is relatively small and does not clump. It will be easier to clean up with this cat litter. Because the cat litter particles are relatively large, the feces can be removed after the cat is excreted. However, the cat's urine will be sucked in by the cat litter, so when it is found that the litter is transparent and yellow, parents need to replace the new cat litter.

The main components of pine wood sand are by-products of the pulp and paper industry, as well as coconut, hay and wood fibers. The main performance is strong water absorption, no dust, but poor deodorization ability, pine wood particles will become powder after absorbing urine, directly sink to the bottom of the sand basin, generally when the above pine wood particles less than 1 cm thick You need to replace the entire pot of sand.