The Advantages Of Crystal Cat Litter

- Mar 27, 2018-

1, strong deodorant. It can hold the odor in the urine or faeces tightly and do not distribute it, keeping your room fresh and odor free.

2, super fast moisture absorption. It can quickly exhaust the pet's urine and fecal moisture in a very short period of time; it absorbs more than 80% of its own weight and remains dry.

3, lasting effect. The 4 lb/bag cat litter can be used by one cat for more than one month.

4, strong antibacterial. Because the cat litter box is dry, it reduces bacterial growth. If you use antiseptic cat litter, it also has a bactericidal effect.

5, easy to handle. Silicone cat litter does not agglomerate, no imprinting, no dust, light weight, less waste, can be treated as ordinary waste; home use is convenient and safe.