Silica Gel Cat Sand Crystal Cat Litter

- Apr 12, 2018-


Silica Gel Cat Sand Crystal Cat Litter Basic Info.


Model NO.:99% MIN




Drying Method:Static Drying


Other Cat Litter Kind:Silica-Gel Desiccant


Sorbent:Silica Gel


Desiccant:Chemical Desiccant


Other Cat Litter Certificate:SGS; CIQ; Intertek




Transport Package:3.8L/Bag, 20kg/Bag, 500kg/Bag


Other Cat Litter Specification:99%Min




HS Code:281122


Silica Gel Cat Sand Crystal Cat Litter Product Description

    Product Description:

Type C spherical cat sand

Opal and transparent grains with glossy furface, it's a principal kind of silica gel used as cat sands in the markets now. The feature is quick speed of absorption, especially when the humidity is up to 80%, its capacity of absorption can reach 92%, which is obviously higher than other cat sands, It is a very practical product. 

Silica Gel Cat Sand Crystal Cat Litter Technical Data:

Granularity Eligibility, %, ≥NegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
Lim, %, ≤222
Qualified ratio of spherical granules, %, ≥606055
Loss on heating, %, ≤
Bulk density, g/L460-480400-465480-550
Pore volume, mL/g, ≥
Note: Silica gel type C broken does not check the qualified rate of spherical particles

Type C lump cat Sands

Opal and irregular unrollable grains. Strong frictional forces between the grains, it has best stability, so the grains cannot b cracked by the pets lying on them, and without trouble for cleaning. 

Technical data:

Granularity Eligibility, %, ≥NegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
Lim, %, ≤222
Loss on heating, %, ≤555
Bulk density, g/L445-475400-435475-520
Pore volume, mL/g, ≥0.760.850.72
Abrasion rate, %, ≤101010
Note: The silica gel cat litter granular of its superior limit≤2-
3mm does not check abrasion rate

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