Pine Wood Cat Sand Use Experience

- Mar 27, 2018-

1. Pine wood sand and crystal sand are somewhat similar, that is, only clean BB. After the pine wood particles absorb NN, they will turn into powder and sink directly to the bottom of the sand basin. Generally, when the above pine wood particles are less than 1 cm thick, they need to be replaced. Pine wood sand does reduce a lot of clean-up work, but it usually has a taste. Many cats do not like it. There may be a phenomenon that cats do not urinate in the toilet. It takes a certain amount of time to get used to it.

2. Many cat friends respond to the great savings of pine sand. Environmental protection. Pine wood sand can be poured directly into the toilet, or used as a fertilizer, no pollution to the environment. No dust. Because it is made of wood, there is almost no dust and it is healthy for cats.

3. Some people still prefer to use non-agglomerated pine wood sand. Because of the clumped pine wood sand, although it can form a urine block, it is easy to be carried by the cat because it is powdery, and it is easy to stick to the cat's ankle. In contrast, the unconsolidated pine wood sand should be clean, and it is also very convenient to use it with a double-level toilet.