Nature Sodium Montmorillonite Cat Sand

- Apr 11, 2018-

Nature Sodium Montmorillonite Cat Sand Basic Info

Model NO.: Montmorillonite

Nature Sodium Montmorillonite Cat Sand Product Description

Montmorillonite Description

Other Cat Litter Pharmaceutical grade

Various typesdescription
Korea Pharmacopoeia &France 
Low dilatability, quick neutralization speed, strong acid 
resistance and persistence. API for gastrointestinal protection
EP 8.0 &USP36-NF31
Montmorillonite Standard
Good rheology, wide subject range of pH, could be 
used as suspending agent, thixotropic agent, adhesive 
and emulsion stabilizer.
CP 2015   Pharmaceutical
Montmorillonite Standard
High purity, fine granularity, delicate taste, low heavy 
metal content.The raw material of Montmorillonite Powder API.
USP36-NF31Excellent suspension and low acid consumption. 
Used as medicine carrier, intermediates and additives

Other Cat Litter Pharmaceutical grade Application

1.Raw materials of Montmorillonite Powder API: Effective treatment of diarrhea caused by virus or bacteria.
2.Gastrointestinal protection potion: quick neutralization speed, strong acid resistance and persistence and non-toxic side effects. It can protect the gastric mucosa and promote ulcer healing.
3.Medicine carrier, intermediates and additives: Control the releasing process of the drug properties and maintain the drug performance.
4.Adhesive and disintegrating agent: As important materials, it can be used as a kind of adhesive in tablet to ensure the good uniformity, the expected level of hardness and color. Because of the good expansibility, it can help the tablet todisintegrate and make the useful ingredients absorbed quickly.

Nature Sodium Montmorillonite Cat Sand Chemicals grade

5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
It is good at viscosity adjustment and suspending, 
mainly used for personal care, etc. 
5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
It is pure white, easily dispersed and with good thixotropism.
Widely used in cosmetics products (such as, emulsion, cream),
drug carrier and excipients.  
5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
 It is used in the products which need high viscosity and low solids  
content,  mainly  in  pharmaceuticals  and  cosmetics 
(for example, the pigment suspension in mascara and eye-shadow).
5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
It  has  high  electrolyte  stability  and  good  acid  resistance  
and mainly used for hair-mask and facial mask in cosmetics.  
5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
It is a unique acidic product with white and bright color. 
It is especially easy to hydrate, and can be used for skin care, repair 
and sunscreen. 
5% Dispersion
5% Dispersion
It is a neutral grade and widely used in personal care products 
(such as mask, shampoo, cream, and emulsion).  

Chemicals grade Application

1.Nature green: It is an eatable clay. It can absorb oils, bacterium and impurities, purify pores, clean skin, replenish minerals, eliminate toxins, and restore clean and transparent skin.
2.Thickening & suspending: It could make any object dispersed in water remain stably (for example: the oil in the emulsion, the solids in suspension, and the gas in the foam).
3.Thixotropic & controllable: Shear thinning. It could make the thick cream paint smoothly, the spray easy to spray, and the suspension easy to pour out.
4.Improve skin-feeling: It has excellent spreadability and fresh feeling, could reduce or eliminate the sticky feeling problems of organic thickeners.
5.Stable performance: It is a natural mineral, cannot be decomposed by bacteria, heat, ultraviolet radiation or excessive shearing. It has low-temperature resistance and also can ensure the stability of the system performance in the formulation.
6.Good compatibility: It could be used together with organic gum or other thickeners and create synergies to achieve better result.
7.Acid & electrolyte resistance: Wide subject range of pH: it is suitable for acidic, neutral and alkaline systems. Electrolyte resistance: it could stabilize the system containing electrolytes and solve the problem that some organic thickeners cannot resistant to electrolytes.

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