How To Change Cats' Cats Step By Step

- Mar 27, 2018-

First, A cat is a very timid animal. It is a survival skill developed in the wild life environment. Therefore, the cat is very sensitive to the changes in the surrounding environment. Changing cat litter will make the cat feel unsafe, resulting in Reject psychology, and then refuse to use.

Second, the replacement of cat litter should also fully consider the use of litter, litter pot placed too much noisy location will directly affect the cat's toilet, so to consider in advance the litter box placement.

Third, the types of cat litter are also more and more. When selecting cat litter is also difficult to decide, but according to the use of the cat to determine the situation, select the appropriate particles, taste, material, cat litter. If the cat is found to have rejected the use of the new cat litter, the use of the new cat litter should be stopped decisively, and the new cat litter can then be mixed with the previous cat litter, allowing the cat to slowly adapt to the new cat. Sand, completely replace the new litter after a period of use.