How Often Does The Cat Litter Scoop?

- Mar 27, 2018-

1. Bentonite Cat Litter: Bentonite cat litter will rapidly smash the cat's excrement into a ball, so that it can eradicate the litter box. When the bentonite cat litter is gradually consumed, new cat litter can be added to the cat litter at any time. Do not need to give up the whole basin.

2. Crystal cat litter: Regularly clean up the rubbish generated after use to keep it clean. If more cats can shorten the cycle of replacing cat litter, instead of putting too much litter in the cat litter box, it is recommended that a bag of 3.6. L cat litter a cat for one month, two cats for about 15 days, and three cats for about 10 days.

3, sawdust cat litter: sawdust cat litter in the absorption of urine will become powdery, until the whole pot almost becomes powdery, you can discard all.