Clean and Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter

- Jun 13, 2018-

Clean and Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter Basic Info

Model NO.: HA-MS-FHTZ01

Other Cat Litter Material: Bentonite

Water Absorption: 300

Transport Package: 10L; 6L or According to The Customer Request

Other Cat Litter Specification: ISO

Origin: China

HS Code: 3802900090

Clean and Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter Product Description

Product description:
It is made from 100% natural sodium bentonite as raw material from the surface of 200 m deep,Super deodorizing,Potently antibacterial.Innovative dust removal process to ensure product low dust.To protect the health of your cat and you.

Other Cat Litter Product Performance

Item No.:HA-MS-FHTZ01
Description:Composite Strip & Ball  Cat Litter
Shape:strip type,as in the pic.
Specific gravity(g/l):1
Anti-press intensity:≥650g

Clean and Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter Feature :
1.Strong agglomerating strength

2.Agglomeration time is short

3.Agglomeration is hard and solid lumps, will not loose sand shovel

4.99.999% clean, relatively beneficial for cats respiratory.

Natural Bentonite Chemical  Composition:


Physical indicators:
Montmorillonite content: 80%
Colloid value: 150%
PH value: 8.5
Water absorption: 300-350%
Ammonia absorption value: 89%


1.Fill in clean litter box with 9-12cm depth of cat litter.
2.Cat litter quickly forms a clump ball for complete&easy removal while liquid excrement generates each time.
3.Scoop out all clumps timely each day.
4.Add fresh cat litter to maintain a depth of 9-23cm and better update entire litter box with fresh cat litter once a month.

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