Best Seller Nature Bentonite Sand Cat Litter -Hard Clumping

- Jul 13, 2018-

Best Seller Nature Bentonite Sand Cat Litter -Hard Clumping Basic Info

Model NO.: HA-MS-FH02

Transport Package: 10L; or According to The Customer Request

Other Cat Litter Specification: ISO

Origin: China

HS Code: 3802900090

Other Cat Litter Product Description


Super coagulation, strong deodorantIt is made of 100% natural sodium bentonite and will solidifies very quickly. In the production process, a large number of tiny pores in cat litter particles can firmly locked the cat shit peculiar smell.
Clean and dust-free, safety and healthyUnique and leading dust sterilization process and high temperature sterilization process make the cat litter 99% dust-free; ensure the breathe smoothly and prevent the cat respiratory disease when the cat use the cat litter and you cleaning up the shit. The sterilization system can completely kill all kinds of harmful substances and bacteria that residues in bentonite.
Consumption saving, natural fragranceThe cat litter particles is even thickness through scientific design. Both saving half usage amount and not easily brought out of the pot. In the process of production, adding natural fragrance, and it will give off quickly after meeting cat feces masking the odor in great extent. So the cat will not rejected by the smell in the next time.
When using a new cat litter, occasionally cat will reject it but this is a normal phenomenon. Please be assured use. If the cat rejects for a long time, please mix the previous cat litter a small amount into the new cat litter, and this situation will disappear.

Best Seller Nature Bentonite Sand Cat Litter -Hard Clumping Usage
1. Paving a clean cat litter basin about 8-10cm with the KATZE KING cat litter
2. When cats excrete, KATZE KING cat litter can absorb the moisture quickly in a short time. It's convenient for you to scoop out.
3.Clean up the mass in the cat litter basin in time. Please do not clean the cat litter with water.
4. Please keep the thickness of the basin at least 8 cm, and hold on to clean the basin and exchange the new cat litter once a month.

Cleaning method

1. If it smells bad, it shows that the adsorption of the cat litter has been saturated. At this time, please exchange the new cat litter or add the deodorant powder in order to extend the using time.
2. The used cat litter is not recyclable. Please put it in a sealed bag and take it into the unrecyclable dustbin. Please do not litter.
3.KATZE KING cat litter use natural raw materials, so digging and burying will not cause any environmental damage.

Best Seller Nature Bentonite Sand Cat Litter -Hard Clumping Notes
1. Please do not put the cat litter nearby the cat food, in order to prevent the cat swallowed. A small amount of cat litter will not harm cat's body, but a large quantity may cause cats digestive diseases.
2. Cat waste contains a large amount of harmful microbes and bacteria, please try to put the cat food basin away from the cat litter basin.
3. Please use it as soon as possible when the cat litter bag opened. Because the water-absorbing capacity of cat litter is well, please do not put the unused cat latter in the dark and wet environment, in order to avoid getting wet and affect the effect.
4. Please put the used cat litter in the sealed bag, and out of the kids touching. After cleaning, be sure to wash your hands.

Packaging details:
two or four bags put into one carton box

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