Trying other litter control techniques to keep cat litter from tracking

- Jul 11, 2018-

Place a scatter mat under your cat’s litter box. Scatter mats are like floor mats for cats. You can place a large scatter mat under your cat’s litter box so that he will have to wipe his feet after he leaves his litter box. These mats can help to absorb some of the litter on your cat’s paws and prevent him from tracking litter all over.

Switch to a different type of litter. Cats prefer a fine-grained litter, but if it is too fine, then too much may be sticking to your cat’s paws. Try changing to a litter that is slightly coarser than the litter you are using now.Cat litter comes in two basic types (clumping and non-clumping), but there is a lot of variation in the materials used to make cat litters.

Fill the litter box with only one to two inches of litter. Cats do not need a deep bed of litter. Having too much litter in the pan may even lead to more litter ending up outside of the box. Instead, only fill your cat’s litter box with about one to two inches of litter.

Vacuum or sweep around your cat’s litter box daily. Taking a few minutes to vacuum or sweep around your cat’s litter box each day may also help to reduce tracking. Although this creates more work for you, keeping the area around your cat’s box clean will keep her from walking through litter and tracking it to other areas of the house.


Author: Wikivisual