Trying different litter box types to keep cat litter from tracking

- Jul 11, 2018-

  1. Get the biggest litter box you can find. Cats bury their urine and feces after they use the litter box, so they are more likely to kick litter out of the pan if the litter box is too small. To reduce the amount of litter that gets kicked out of the pan, make sure that you provide your cat with the biggest litter box you can find.

  2. Look for a litter box with a tracker trap. Some litter boxes have built-in tracker traps around the edges that absorb some of the litter on your cat’s paws. Try to find a litter box that has a built-in tracker trap to help reduce litter tracking.

  3. Place your cat’s litter box inside of another litter box. You can also nest your cat’s litter box inside of another litter box to prevent litter from getting out of your cat’s box. Try placing your cat’s litter box inside of another box with shallow sides.

  4. Try a covered litter box. Covered litter boxes can reduce litter tracking because they have walls on three sides, so your cat will not be able to kick as much litter out of the box. However, these types of boxes do not completely solve the problem because your cat may still kick litter out of the front entrance to the box.

  5. Find a top entry litter box. Getting a top-entry litter box may also be a good solution to the problem. Top entry litter boxes are closed on all sides and your cat has to enter through the top of the box. Just keep in mind that top-entry boxes are not ideal for all cats.


Author: Wikivisual