Kitty may try to eat soy cat litter

- Jul 10, 2018-

A cat owner said one day he tried to introduce his cat to a new clumping soy litter and he placed two handfuls of it in her tray. Almost immediately cat went and ate some, or at least I assumed she did. Her head did the same motions as when she's eating. I tried to open her mouth to get it out but nothing fell out. She keeps trying to get at them and has probably eaten a fair few pellets despite me trying to get her away.

Cat owners don't need to worry too much about this situation.If it’s no medical issues, cat is just curious and it’s a growing up thing and after awhile she’ll stop. 

This soy cat litter is made of food grade material, no toxic. There is no harmless if cat swallows by accident.  Just keep a close watch that she doesn’t take in too much. After all ,soy cat litter is for toilet use.  If you still worry about it,bring cat in to the vet and have her health checked.