How often does the cat litter change?

- Mar 27, 2018-

Cat litter is prepared for cat defecation and can be used to bury feces and urine. It usually needs to be used with a cat's "toilet" litter box. After the cat litter is lumped, it can be removed with a shovel, but Some novices do not know how to use the cat litter and how often to change it. Here we have to look at how long the cat litter changes!

How often do cat litters change to fit their cats and cats, and also depends on their own level of tolerance. Generally they are replaced once a week. Every day, they see that the part of the group must be shovelled out in time. It is generally not a problem to maintain this frequency. of.

Of course, if it is local tyrants, then it will be changed every day, and local tyrants will not be bad. In this way, if it is clean and hygienic, it is expensive. If the family has conditions, then it is best to put the cat litter tray to the place where the sun shines when the cat excretes. Can play a role in sterilization.