Difference between bentonite cat litter and crystal cat litter

- Mar 27, 2018-

Bentonite cat litter is very absorbent, and can pack the feces of cats for routine cleaning. Soil cat litter is also good, cats are more easily accepted. The use of bentonite cat litter is the side of consumption, while adding, while cleaning, compared to ensuring that the air in the house has a certain advantage. The disadvantage is that the bentonite cat litter itself determines that the cat litter has more or less certain dust, and the particles of the bentonite cat litter are easily carried out by the cat.

Crystal cat litter is more clean than bentonite cat litter, and crystal cat litter is also better in water absorption. Cat litter does not need to be cleaned after washing, and when the overall color of cat litter reaches 80%, it can be completely changed. Replacement of crystal cat litter, for more lazy cat slaves, the frequency of cleaning can be greatly reduced.