Cat litter selection skills

- Mar 27, 2018-

Many brands of cat litter have small packages. Select several well-known brands of cat litter to give cats a try one by one to see what it likes and decide on it. In the selection process, it is not blindly selected, but there are several points to note: First select the cat litter that can be easily removed by condensing. This cat litter is easy to clean and can absorb odors; secondly, the cat prefers unscented cat litter, so try not to Select those cats with rich flavors, but owners often prefer scented cat litters, so they do not consider the cat’s feelings when they choose. Therefore, cats that are bought back don’t like to use them. It’s important to remember that cat litter is For cats, their favorite cat litter is appropriate. If the cat does not like the cat litter we choose for it, it usually has the following performance: scratching the litter tray, standing outside the cat litter tray, or entering quickly jumps out and “poop” directly next to the cat litter tray. Therefore, when you find out that these cats have these conditions, please replace the other cat litter. After confirming, please do not change other brands easily.