Bentonite cat litter use experience

- Mar 27, 2018-

The first is how to choose bentonite cat litter. The disadvantage of bentonite litter is mainly dust. Dust first affects the sanitation of the house. Cats go in and out of the litter box every day. If the litter has a relatively large amount of dust, it increases the number of times the cat slave cleans the house, and the dust sticks to the cat, making it easy to be cats. Inhaled into the body, causing respiratory diseases.

Then the use of bentonite cat litter, cat litter as a daily necessities of the cat, try to put the litter box in a sheltered place, to avoid the usual dust blown, the thickness of the cat litter is guaranteed under the premise of the cat The distance between the sand and the top of the pot should be as high as possible, so the height of the litter box can be slightly higher.

The end is the choice of cat litter. Although cat litter is a cat's daily consumer goods, but the general amount is not too much, a cat is also a pack of about a month of cat litter, not a big consumer goods, so in cat litter Choose to choose some good quality cat litter.