Eco-friendly Natural Material Soya Cat Litter Scented

Eco-friendly natural material soya cat litter is made by soya by-products and food grade ingredients.The soya cat litter or tofu cat litter is pet & people friendly.

Product Details

Eco-friendly natural material soya cat litter 

Made from natural plant material, tofu by-product. The scented tofu cat litter has food grade perfume and dye.

Flavor: We can supply tofu cat litter in various flavors, such as strawberry,blueberry,corn,lavender,green tea,coffee and peach.


Ingredientbeancurd residue and natural additives
Water AbsorptionAbout 400%


Tofu cat litter Advantages:

1. Quick clumping-Special formula and plant-derived granules can soak up unrine quickly and create small and solid clumps.

2. 99% dust free- No silica dust to protect cat and people respiratory system.

3. Low tracking- Granules in moderate size to ensure low tracking ,keeping floor clean.

4. Outstanding water absorption and odor control- With an instant clumping formula, pellets absorbs up to 4 time their weight in liquid;natural neutralizes the smell of ammonia in cat's urine on contact.

5. 100% paw approved.

6. Cost effective.

7. Wastes are safely flushed into municipal waste systems.


Jumbo bag, 20kg in a blank woven bag,6L/7L in plastic bag or customized.


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