2018 Popular Tofu Cat Litter 2mm

2mm tofu cat litter, very popular in Japan,Korea and America supermarket.The thin tofu cat litter has less dust and smaller clumps than the 3mm tofu cat litter.

Product Details

Ingredient: Soybean residue and natural clumping agent

Diameter: 2mm

Frangrance: original, juice peach, green tea, strawberry, blueberrry, corn, lavender,coffee.

Moisture: <10%

Water Absorption: About 400%

Dust: 99% free


Superior water absorbency ,smaller clumps and less consumption.

100% food grade; 100% flushable; 0% chemical and toxic additives; 0% clay dust.

Low dust and low tracking.

Instant clumping and the clump is tight enough, easy for scooping.

Outstanding odor control.